Alexis Millar CThA

Clinical Massage Practitioner (1999)

Aromatherapist - Medical Acupuncturist

References from happy customers



Chichester Road, Tonbridge, Kent


As a first time marathon runner my training was going well but with about 6 weeks to go I started getting pains in my lower back and generally feeling a bit stiff and achy pretty much all over. I wanted to be able to complete the marathon and enjoy it without any pain (or long term damage) and so decided to have a massage each week leading up to the marathon. Well what can I say, my back pain disappeared almost immediately and Alexis worked the muscles all over my body - my arms, my legs, my shoulders.


I felt so much better afterwards, definately more relaxed and although the treatment was quite firm it certainly sorted out my tense muscles. I completed the marathon and thoroughly enjoyed it with no aches or pains due mainly I think to the massages I had beforehand. I've suffered no pain afterwards either and so would recommend the treatment for all those mad people planning to run 26 miles!



Susie Pinder, 26th March 2012


In November 2011 I had an operation to replace two of the intervertebral discs in the cervical area of my back which left me with limited movement. Alexis has been providing me with regular massage sessions since then and the improvements have been fantastic.Alexis took a full case history on our first session, including current medications, any other injuries along with any known allergies. From this she was quickly able to identify which areas of the body needed treatment. Some areas appeared to be away from the site of the pain, but Alexis was able to explain how the muscles of the body interlink and how treating these areas can have a beneficial effect elsewhere.


Each session has been undertaken in a very friendly and enjoyable way; just asking what has been going on in life and how this has affected the movement and pain has ensured that each session has a ‘pin-pointed’ starting place. Just the cheerful conversations and general interest in my well-being have removed much of the stress of everyday living and guaranteed I have relaxed, thus ensuring the maximum benefit from the massage. These treatment sessions have also taught me more about how my body reacts to various situations and Alexis has been able to show me how to take control and relax at such times.Depending on the time of day, the weather and how I am feeling, Alexis has also been able to suggest relevant essential oils to use in the massage sessions – I have been surprised at the difference these make.


I look forward to my time with Alexis, and her well founded knowledge of the muscular and nervous system has certainly aided my recovery. I have also learnt that these sessions should be treated with respect and have now ensured that I take time out for myself following them and not to hurry on to the next task on my list. This has been done by following the session with a relaxing drink and bite to eat and then indulging in ‘Me-time’ by reading a book, catching up with friends or even doing my nails.


On one occasion it was not possible for the session to take place as normal and Alexis came to the house. Whilst she arrived looking as if she was leaving home, the equipment was very quickly set up in the living room, the plinth for treatment heated and the massage session undertaken. It felt very indulgent having this within my own home and allowed me to continue the feeling of peace and tranquillity for some time, without the need to go out in the cold air.


Even if you are not recovering from an operation or pulled muscles these sessions also have a beneficial effect.



Mrs Davies, Southborough, Kent


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Reference for Alexis Millar – Functional Massage Practitioner and Aromatherapist

I have been treated by Alexis Millar for over a year and have found her to be extremely reliable and enthusiastic. Alexis really listens to me and will work specifically on areas of my body that ache or feel restricted that I have pointed out to her as well as many other muscles I didn’t know could feel so tight!


I have had a restricted painful neck in the past which Alexis has worked regularly on to alleviate the pain and she has offered valuable advice on posture and neck / head positioning when sitting, gardening or housework. My neck is feeling great now and if it ever tightens up I have another treatment which really benefits me. Again if my back ever feels tight/aching or not quite right Alexis massages specifically on these areas to help them. I always feel so relaxed and mobile afterwards.


I also love the combination of essential oils Alexis makes up just for me to compliment her therapeutic massage. We go through the benefits of the individual essential oils and a blend is made up that I like the fragrance of and benefits me. I have been so delighted with the standard of work and care from Alexis that I have introduced my two children to regular massage treatments with her. Again, Alexis has been able to offer important postural advise, especially for carrying heavy school bags and posture for sitting at the computer.


I would recommend Alexis Millar to other people (all ages).

Kind Regards Mrs Tracey Davies



Melanie Cook, Senior Physiotherapist and client of Alexis Millar, Massage Therapist


Massage Therapy for Whiplash Injury

In April 2011 I was in a car accident on the M40 motorway. I was fortunate in the accident to not sustain any serious injury; however had whiplash down my left side (neck and back) from the forwards/backwards and side-to-side movement as the car made impact on the hard shoulder and grass verge. I was off work for 2 weeks, as my role as senior physiotherapist at an independent hospital, as I could not carry out my duties as would risk further injury to my back. I was signed off work by my GP and took Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for approximately 4-6 weeks after the accident, including Ibuprofen Gel. I used Arnica cream for the bruises as a herbal remedy. My main pain was in my neck and the left side of my back. I would describe the pain as being stretching, a dull ache and very stiff, often causing headaches from my neck pain. Getting up in the morning was tough as I found it hard to lift my head from the pillow and as looking side-to –side, which made driving difficult when I did return to work. Heat packs on my left shoulder helped a little but did not give long term relief. Neck rotation, upper trunk rotation and neck side flexion to the right were the main aggravating movements.


When I did return to work after 2 weeks, my other physiotherapy colleagues informed me that I was ‘walking like a robot’ and not turning my head to move so kept a very stiff posture. I was very careful with manual handling and made sure I rested at home. It took a long time for the shock of the accident to go and psychologically was hard to get over, especially when having to sort out paperwork for insurance companies, and this increased my fatigue. There were times that the dull ache was so constant that it would make me cry, but that may also have still been the shock coming out.


The massage therapist at work, Alexis Millar, was able to give me 6 sessions on Massage Therapy under staff benefits. My body was not ready for physiotherapy techniques as my muscles were too

sensitive and inflamed.

During the 6 sessions, Alexis worked on my left side, on my trapezius muscle, paraspinal muscles and gluteal muscles. She used techniques that worked deep into the muscle belly and I could feel the referral of pain right into my shoulders as she moved up my back. My back did seem get worse for 2 weeks, stiffening up, before my back started to loosen off. As the sessions continued, Alexis also found that my biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles were tight, probably from the impact on my arms as I was holding the steering wheel. She also did some work on my feet at the end of each session which relaxed my body so well. Towards the end of the treatment, the main area of continual stiffness was in my cervical spine and upper trapezius muscle.


Alexis really helped me with my whiplash injury and I’m sure it helped me to recover faster, by having intervention on my muscles early on. I found that in the evenings after I had had my treatment, I relaxed so much better, often didn’t need pain relief to go to sleep and felt looser on waking in the morning.


As a physiotherapist, it also gave me a much better insight into Massage Therapy and the holistic feeling you obtain. The massage was so much more focused and clinically reasoned than just relaxation massage and was a lot deeper that I had experience before. I now know that if my back stiffens up or begins to ache, which sometimes it does with whiplash, I have techniques to reduce

muscles aches and trigger points with tips Alexis gave me and I would make my first point of call a massage therapist to treat this kind of injury, before physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractor when in the acute stages of muscle injury. Alexis also educated me during the sessions, explaining what she was doing, why injury may have occurred to the muscle and how and why the techniques

she used would help and how.


Alexis was very kind to use aromatherapy oils with me too which helped me at times to relax and sometimes to make me feel more awake and boost my nervous system with stimulus. She gave me a small tub of cream with the aromatherapy oils in, to be able to use on my temples and chest when I felt stressed and needed to relax, but I have also used it on my back when my muscle inflammation returns a little.


I am so grateful to all the help Alexis gave me with her massage therapy and am sure it increased my rate of recovery. I continued to refer patients to Alexis as well as I was able to give a personal insight into the treatment she offers. She is very talented in her massage field and dedicated to each individual she treats by using the maximum amount of time possible on hands-on treatment and

focussing on specific areas in each sessions but also touching on other parts, for example the feet, and a relaxing atmosphere.


Dr Michael Nightingale MRCGP family doctor - retired


I have recently had the benefit of 3 excellent massage treatments from Alexis; before and after a knee operation


Over the years I have experienced massage treatments from other massage therapists. But in my opinion the treatments from Alexis stand out from the others. Here are some of the reasons that I want to commend her.


She has a very caring and thoughtful approach - taking a good history before choosing the best way to treat me.


She clearly has an exceptionally good knowledge and understanding of the body's anatomy and various functions.


Her massage treatments were soothing, relaxing and effective.



Colin & Joy Travers Migraine sufferer & limited mobility sufferer, Ely, Cambs.


I have had four head, neck and upper body massages from Alexis whilst staying at Burswood Christian Hospital/Guest House in Groombridge, Kent. I am a lifelong fairly severe migraine sufferer but have found that these massages have not only greatly freed up my neck movement and reduced stree/tension in my sholders etc but also there has been a greatly reduced incidence of the migraine attacks. Alexis presents a highly professional but friendly approach and as others testify shows a great interest in the general wellbeing of her clients. She displays a deep understanding of the human anatomy and seems to be able to readily pinpoint specific areas of tension/tightness. I always come away from a treatment session refreshed, relaxed and invigorated. My wife has some fairly severe and longstanding mobility and back problems but again has benifitted from Alexis' massage. Only recently whilst staying in hospital following a significant illness Alexis gave joy a gentle massage which greatly helped her recovery. Perhaps the best recommendation we can give is that, in this regards, we just wished we lived in Kent.



Sue - August 2014


“Alexis has aided my full recovery from ME/Chronic Fatigue by using her specialist massage techniques along with her caring personality and thoughtfulness. I have also benefitted from specific treatments over the past 13 years for sports injuries (shoulder and knee) and would highly recommend her to anyone who is in pain or, would like a massage to give them a sense of “well being”. Definitely will be going back for another massage soon !



John Sayer


Following my second knee replacement at a relatively young age my ambition was to be back to normal and active as soon as possible.


The replacement operation was fine but my knee refused to bend due to old ligament damage which had caused my early retirement from playing rugby. Over the years my leg muscles had tightened and shortened and now I was asking them to return to proper length and elasticity. My physios recommended a course of remedial massage to compliment the hydrotherapy and phtsiotherapy I was receiving. Alexis was very adept and professional in the way that she treated me. I had a series of full remedial weekly massages concentrating on smoothing out the kinks in my muscles and improving my posture that had been compromised by my dodgy knees.


I am still a work in progress but it is all up to me now. However I am certain I will return if only for the odd pick me up. After each session I felt I could run a marathon and fully rejuvenated, it's quite addictive.


VG - September 2014


Having severe ME I found Alexis to be very understanding both of chronic illness and the day to day variations. I always say Alexis has magic hand as she makes a huge difference to my pain level.


James of Langton - Feb 2015


I highly recommend a visit to Alexis at her Studio if you have problems with your shoulders, neck or back. She will assess your condition and posture before starting her expert massage treatment. I personally find Alexis's treatments to be more helpful and effective than visits to osteos and physios. Thank you, Alexis



Ann from Tonbridge - Feb 2015


Having had both hips and both knees replaced during the last 7 years my movements had been restricted and my whole lower body had become very stiff making exercise difficult which of course only made matters worse.

Since having massage therapy from Alexis I am now able to exercise gently each day, and am slowly regaining more and more movement as time goes on.


Alexis has really helped me and I can thoroughly recommend her treatments for anyone with similar problems.


Ms W - July 2015


I had the pleasure of having a massage with Alexis. I have had many massages before but they were nothing compared to this. I am very grateful for the medical examination and pre- treatment assessment. I felt it was very thorough and enabled Alexis to focus on my weak spots . She gave me some excellent postural advice - aagin something that I had never received before . Her bedside manner was gentle but reassuring. I will recommend her to others.


Audrey Tonbridge - January 2016


I look forward to the lovely aromatherapy massage that you give me regularly. It is relaxing and a great way to start the day. I feel so much better after the treatment. It is so good that you come to my house.


Erica, Tunbridge Wells - September 2016


I have MS and find Alexis invaluable.

She makes a significant and hugely positive effect on my well being, with her reassuring, professional and sensitive manner. She is so knowledgeable and ultimately caring. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Alexis is a huge part of my battle with this disease.



Richard Wheeler, Tunbridge Wells - May 2017


I have been visiting Alexis for treatment to address the issues relating to a serious fall and a sensitive nerve in the neck resulting in pins and needles/muscle ache in the arm.

Alexis' massage and acupuncture has been very successful at resolving the problems. I would recommend her treatments.




MJP - Tunbridge Wells 2017


Following a fall, I had suffered on-going pain and restricted movement in my shoulder for 6 months. After 4 sessions with Alexis the joint was back to normal.