Alexis Millar CThA

Clinical Massage Practitioner (1999)

Aromatherapist - Medical Acupuncturist


Specialist in:

"I specialise in treating people with neck, shoulder and back pain. Those with aching muscles, muscle tightness and the general feeling of 'inflexibility'. Also people with chronic pain and immobility and those recovering from surgery (including scar tissue massage).


Like every treatment, it is as individual as you are."


Shoulder, Back and Neck Pain, Post operative/injury massage - Stroke aftercare massage - Relaxation - Disability massage

Pre-op preparation massage - Arthritis - MS - Fibromyalgia massage - Chronic Fatigue - ME

Cancer Care Massage Practitioner

Babies and Children Massage

Massage for the elderly

Massage for osteoarthritis

Massage for Parkinson's


Advanced Medical Acupuncture & Electro - Medical Acupuncture (EMA)