Alexis Millar CThA

Clinical Massage Practitioner (1999)

Aromatherapist - Medical Acupuncturist







Your aromatherapy massage will help relieve headaches and stresses within your body aswell as muscle tightness. 


You and your body will feel fantastically relaxed, warm and revitalised.



Q: What is aromatherapy massage and how does it benefit me? 


Aromatherapy massage uses the unique therapeutic effects of aromatherapy essential oils (pure plant and mineral extracts) combined with refined massage techniques to help loosen off tight muscles, helping eliminate aches and stiffness.


Q: What is a bespoke Aromatherapy treatment?


Your treatment will be individual to you. A blend of essential oils is made up for you, freshly and specifically, for use during your treatment.  These essential oils are the finest quality and 100% pure. The essential oil blend I use is not a prebought blend. 


Each essential oil specifically benefits one or more of your body’s systems, such as the nervous, immune, genitourinary, digestive, respiratory& muscular/circulatory systems.