Alexis Millar CThA

Clinical Massage Practitioner (1999)

Aromatherapist - Medical Acupuncturist

About Me



I specialise in the treatment of people with neck, shoulder and back pain, those recovering from surgery (including scar tissue massage) and Simple Lymphatic Drainage massage, for example, legs and arms.


My treatments involve a concise case history of your medical conditions, an examination of the areas of concern eg back, shoulders followed by a safe massage targetting specifically those muscle groups that concern you. I grade the massage pressure during the treatment so it is safe and suitable for you.


I also offer postural advice and different techniques that you can use to minimise further neck/shoulder/back problems from reoccurring and some simple muscle stretch exercises.


After your treatment you will feel warm over the areas massaged and 'looser'. You will feel more posturally balanced and that you are able to hold yourself in a more naturally 'comfortable' position.


I trained for 3 years in osteopathy in the 1980’s at the British School of Osteopathy in Trafalgar Square, London, studied diplomas in therapeutic massage, anatomy and physiology and then aromatherapy, qualifying in 1999. In 2011 I qualified as a Massage and Cancer Practitioner (Dip) and in 2015 as a Medical Acupuncturist. Hospital practiced since 2006 and Chiropractic clinic 2015.


Clients can be treated either in my Langton Green Studio or in their home.


I am passionate for the wellbeing of others and I learn so much from every person I treat. I believe if you 'maintain' your body through clinical massage you'll improve it's longevity. Not only will you feel physically better you will feel mentally better too.